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Building smaller homes in a tough economy

Building smaller homes is necessary for many people in order to survive the current economy. Gone are the days of 'McMansions' and the homes with so many excessive rooms that never get used. Enter in to the new way of thinking: scaling down.

Home ownership is part of the American Dream and to some that means having the biggest house on the block. While the size of one's home is truly a matter of preference, it may not be a practical reality for many. Globalization and the digital age have made it so people are changing jobs and moving more frequently. Empty nesters don't need all the extra space with grown-up children. College and graduate school students may not find opportunities locally so they may need to relocate to where the jobs are.

If you think moving up in life means buying a bigger home, it’s time to set the record straight. Most American families have plenty of room to downsize their home without cramping their style.